Nearly 37 million adults in the US are missing their teeth, and many seek out alternatives to help them regain their smiles, hoping to find the most natural-looking false teeth possible.

Dentures have come a long way functionally and aesthetically, but many people are still self-conscious about their false teeth.

In fact, a recent study found that nearly half of all denture wearers believe their dentures make them look older than they are. Feeling like they’re sporting fake-looking dentures is a significant source of anxiety for many people.

So, what’s the best way to get dentures that look natural? Your path to real-looking false teeth starts by understanding the process of getting dentures.

What Are the Most Important Factors for Getting the Most Natural-looking Dentures?

Afraid that full or partial dentures will make you look older or that you’ll end up with fake-looking dentures?  That’s totally understandable! But you can do a few things to make sure you get the most natural-looking false teeth.

What are the most natural-looking dentures? Keep these three elements in mind.

1. Pay Attention to the Size, Shape, and Color of Your Teeth and Gums

If your ultimate goal is to have dentures that look like real teeth, pay attention to the size, shape, and color of your natural teeth. Everyone is different, so try to choose a tooth size and shape that’s proportionate to the rest of your mouth and face.

Select a shade similar to the color of your natural teeth. If you’re not sure what color to choose, your dentist can help you select the right shade for your dentures, practically guaranteeing your new dentures result in natural-looking false teeth.

Don’t forget your gums, either! The size and color of your gums are just as important as your teeth’s size, shape, and color. If you’re looking for the most realistic dentures, choose a gum size and color that’s proportionate to the rest of your mouth and face.

2. Consider the Texture of Your Teeth

You’ll also want to consider the texture of your current and new teeth when working with your dentist to achieve the most natural-looking false teeth. Many people overlook this, but the truth is that the texture of your teeth can make a big difference in getting dentures that look natural.

There are two main types of tooth textures: smooth and stipple. Smooth teeth have a glossy finish, while stipple teeth have a more matte finish. The type of texture you choose is ultimately up to you, but stipple teeth tend to look more natural. Something to keep in mind if you don’t want fake-looking dentures.

3. Get Your Dentures From a Reputable Dentist

If you want the most realistic dentures, choose a reputable dentist. It’s not enough to do a quick search for the “best dentist for dentures in my area” – you need to invest time into finding a quality, experienced professional with a reputation for helping people get dentures that look like real teeth.

Your dentist should take the time to understand your unique needs and preferences and work with you to ensure your dentures look as natural as possible. What’s better than finding the most natural-looking false teeth? Finding a dentist who has experience working with older adult tooth care!

What Does the Process of Getting Dentures That Look Like Real Teeth Involve?

If you want dentures that look natural, you need to understand the process of getting dentures. Here’s what to expect when getting a full set of dentures.

1. Initial Consultation

The first step to getting the most natural-looking dentures is to schedule an initial consultation with your dentist. Your dentist will examine your mouth, teeth, and gums and help you decide if dentures are the right solution for you. Depending on your oral health, your dentist might recommend a deep cleaning if you plan to keep any of your natural teeth.

2. Impressions

Once you two decide that dentures are the best solution for you, your dentist will take preliminary and final impressions of your mouth two weeks apart. They’ll use these impressions to create a model, which a lab will then use to make the most realistic dentures.

If you’ve never had impressions before, it’s pretty easy: All you have to do is bite into a soft material that hardens over time. Once the impressions are complete, your dentist sends them to a dental laboratory where your dentures are made.

3. Jaw Relation Records

During this hour-long appointment, your dentist will take note of your upper jaw’s position in relation to your lower jaw. If the jaw relations are incorrect, your dentures will move, causing them to dislodge, making this step crucial.

4. Try-in

The next step is a “try-in” appointment with your dentist. At this point, you’ll have an opportunity to put in your dentures to make sure they fit well and look the way you want. If there are any problems with the fit or appearance of your dentures, your dentist can make the necessary adjustments before you return for your final fitting.

5. Denture Delivery

If you’re happy with your new dentures, the next step is to wear them. During this appointment, your dentist will place your dentures in your mouth and make any final adjustments so you leave the office with the most natural-looking dentures.

6. Follow-up

Your dentist will have you schedule two follow-up appointments: one the day after your dentures are delivered and the other one week later. This allows them to make any necessary adjustments after you’ve had time to wear your dentures. Speak up if they’re less than comfortable! Your dentist will not only help you get the most natural-looking false teeth, but they will also make sure your new dentures feel good.

Getting real-looking false teeth takes time and effort, but it’s worth the wait. If you work with a reputable dentist and pay attention to your teeth’s size, shape, color, and texture, you can easily get dentures that look like real teeth.

older man without teeth getting full dentures

Get the Most Natural-looking False Teeth With Northside Dental Co.

Dentures don’t have to be something to be ashamed of – and you definitely don’t have to settle for fake-looking dentures! If you take the right steps and find the best place to get dentures made, you’ll happily have the most natural-looking false teeth possible.

Remember, to get the most realistic dentures, make sure:

  • The size, shape, and color of your teeth match your natural coloring.
  • The texture of your teeth matches your dentures.
  • You choose a reputable dentist who understands your unique needs.

If you’re looking for the most natural-looking dentures in Richmond, VA, look no further than Northside Dental Co.

At Northside Dental Co, we understand the importance of having dentures that look like real teeth. No two mouths are the same, which is why we offer a variety of denture options designed to help you achieve the most natural-looking false teeth.

Our team of experienced and qualified dentists is excited to work with you to make sure you have dentures that look natural. To learn more about our denture options, schedule a consultation. Our team can’t wait to help you achieve the happy, healthy smile of your dreams!