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Your Dental Benefits in Our Office

We bill to all dental insurances to make sure you get the smile you deserve!

If you have a PPO plan, you likely will receive great benefits at our office. To get specific questions answered about your dental plan and what benefits you’d receive in our office, please contact us at 804-767-3410 or [email protected]!

*Note: We are not currently partnering with Medicaid.



Don’t Have Insurance?

Not a problem! 

For our patients who may not have dental insurance, we also offer a membership savings plan to cover standard cleanings and reduce potential treatment cost.

Additionally, we partner with Care Credit for payment plans to use at our office.

Frequently Asked Insurance Questions

Q   Will I owe anything for my appointment?

 Each dental insurance plan is different, especially as it relates to what type of appointment you have scheduled with us. We’re always happy to look into your specific benefits to let you know if you would owe for any appointment.

Q   I don’t see my insurance company listed above, does that mean you don’t take my insurance?

We will bill to any insurance you provide! However, we can tell you a few insurance companies that won’t provide any insurance benefits at our office: Medicaid, HMO plans, DHMO plans. If you have a PPO plan, you likely will receive great benefits at our office, even if the company you have isn’t listed above. 

Q   My insurance says I have coverage for this treatment, why do I owe?

  Unfortunately, just because you have coverage for a service, doesn’t mean that you won’t owe for the procedure. Let’s say you have a cavity that needs to be done, it’s typical to see insurances only cover 80% of the filling, leaving you with the other 20%. 

Q   Why do I owe for this service if I have 100% coverage? 

 A few other important things to know about dental insurance are terms like: “annual maximum” “frequency limitations” “missing tooth clause” and “waiting periods.” These are all terms that could result in owing out-of-pocket for your visit. We’re always happy to look at your specific plan and give you an estimate for any appointment you have with us! We completely understand dental insurance is not always the easiest to understand. 

Don’t have insurance and looking for another
payment option?

No dental insurance, no problem! Learn more about Northside Dental Co.’s Savings Program.


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