Time is of the essence when it comes to dental emergencies, which is why you should be aware of emergency dentists in your neighbourhood! They can threaten your immediate well-being and could result in losing a tooth or worse- all good reasons to have a plan in place.

What is Considered a Dental Emergency?

How do you tell if you should wait for your regular dental check-up or whether you need to pay a visit to an emergency dentist?

Here are some common questions to ask:

  •   Are you experiencing severe oral pain or bleeding in the mouth?
  •   Do you notice abnormal swelling or inflammation around your gums?
  •   Is your tooth feeling loose?
  •   Have you lost, chipped, or fractured a tooth?
  •   Is your dental crown, implant or filling loose or damaged?

If you have answered yes to any of the questions above, you are likely experiencing a dental emergency!

Tips for When You Are Experiencing A Dental Emergency

Here are some simple tips you can follow to help things go smoothly when you visit the dentist for an emergency treatment:

  • Broken or Chipped Tooth: Try to save any pieces you are able to find and bring them along to the dentist (if possible, the dentist can try to restore it)
  • Knocked Out Tooth: Seek help within an hour to save the tooth! Keep the loose tooth in milk and bring it along to the dentist if you plan to salvage it.
  • Bleeding: Use gauze (if you have some) and apply pressure to control the bleeding
  • Swelling: Use cold compress to keep the swelling down


Importance of An Emergency Dentist

So, why exactly is it critical to already have a shortlist of dentists you can go to for emergency dental services? For 3 simple reasons:

  • Quicker Treatment: Depending on the severity of your emergency, getting prompt treatment can mean the difference between keeping or losing your tooth for good.
  • Preventing Infection: Untreated tooth infections if left to fester can cause other health problems – ensuring that your dentist can treat the infection quickly will help avoid that.
  • Less Stress & Uncertainty: The last thing you want to worry about in a dental emergency is aimlessly searching for the right dentist to help you! Knowing which reputable and experienced dentists are in the neighborhood can save you the uncertainty and stress to search for one when you are in the midst of dealing with pain.


Choosing Your Emergency Dentist Ahead of Time

Make sure you plan ahead and find out about the dentists in your vicinity that offer emergency dental services!

Check how emergencies are handled during office hours and outside office hours and billing practices for emergencies.

Emergency Dental Services Near Richmond City

At Northside Dental Co., we are always ready to help with your dental needs – emergency or otherwise. Dr. Chelsea Tolbert, our leading dentist is an expert at dealing with dental emergencies and can give you the care you need thoroughly and efficiently so you can get back to your life! If you want to learn more, contact us at 804-767-3410!