What kind of crown is best for the back teeth?

Which crown is best for molars?

Where’s the “best dentist near me for crowns” in Richmond, VA?

If you have a chipped, broken, or decayed tooth, you may be asking these questions. When it comes to fixing teeth, crowns are one of the best options.

However, there are many different kinds of crowns for teeth. Some crown options are better for back teeth, and others look more like natural teeth. Your dentist may recommend a different crown for back molars than for a front tooth, depending on your situation.

So, which type of dental crown is best for you?

In this article, we’re going to talk all about dental crowns. You’ll learn what a crown is, which is the strongest dental crown, and what’s the best crown for molars.

Keep reading to get an answer to, “What is the best crown for back teeth?”

What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are small caps that dentists place over existing teeth. Dentists primarily use crowns to:

If you get a crown, your dentist will make it look and function like a natural tooth. This will ensure that you can use your mouth like usual.

Receiving a dental crown usually requires two visits:

  1. Preparation: The preparation stage involves shaving down the existing tooth to the correct size and shape for the crown. Your dentist will also send crown specifications to a lab for creation.
  2. Placement: Once the lab finishes making the crown, you’ll return to the dentist, and they’ll place the crown in your mouth and secure it in place.

The dental crown process is virtually painless and allows you to begin normal mouth functions directly following the procedure.

However, not every crown is the same—the best crown for molars isn’t necessarily the best for front teeth.

The 3 Different Kinds of Crowns for Teeth

When it comes to crowns, there are different kinds of crowns for teeth. The various crown options come from the three different materials dentists use to make crowns:

  • Gold (all-metal)
  • Porcelain fused to metal (PFM)
  • Zirconia

Here’s a look at these different types of dental crowns in more detail.

1. Gold (All-metal crowns)

Though they’re called “gold” crowns, they’re usually made from a combination of different metals. The most common types of metals that dentists use are:

  • Gold
  • Chromium
  • Nickel
  • Palladium

Gold crowns are the strongest dental crown, meaning they’re durable and long-lasting. They also have many other benefits, like:

In addition, metal crowns require dentists to remove the least amount of natural tooth structure during the preparation phase.

One of the significant downsides to metal crowns is their look—their metallic appearance doesn’t look like a natural tooth. Some people may also be allergic to the metals used in a metal crown.

2. Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFM)

Porcelain fused to metal (PFM) is another standard crown option. These crowns combine the aesthetic look of porcelain (natural, tooth-colored appearance) with the strength of a metal base.

However, some of the downfalls of PFM crowns are that they: 

  • Are weaker than metal crowns
  • Can be more prone to chipping or breaking
  • Wear down opposing teeth more quickly than all-metal crowns
  • Require more tooth structure to be removed during preparation

Ultimately, people like PFM crowns for their natural tooth-like appearance and durable metal base.

3.  Zirconia

One of the best crown options is Zirconia.

Dentists make zirconia crowns from zirconium dioxide, a metal related to titanium. Like all-metal crowns, zirconia crowns are durable and long-lasting—they don’t fracture as easily as PFM crowns. 

In addition to their strength and endurance, zirconia crowns also:

Zirconia crowns have come a long way and are becoming more popular because of their durability and aesthetic look.

Now that you know more about the three most common types of dental crowns, let’s answer some frequently asked questions, like “What is the best crown for back teeth?”

Common Questions About the Different Crown Options

Interested in learning about which crown is best for molars and front teeth?

Here are three common questions regarding dental crowns.

What Type of Dental Crown Is Best?

The best type of dental crown is highly dependent on your unique situation and desires. Some factors that will play a role in which crown is best for you are:

  • Which tooth is receiving the crown (front or back)
  • If you want a crown that has a natural tooth color
  • How many crowns you need (this affects the overall price)

For some situations, an all-metal crown will be best. At other times, your dentist may recommend a PFM or zirconia crown.

It’s always best to talk with your dentist about which crown is right for you.

What Kind of Crown is Best for the Back Teeth?

A common question regarding crowns is, “which crown is best for molars?”

Because gold (metal) crowns are the strongest dental crown, they’re often regarded as the best crown for back molars. Gold crowns also wear down more slowly than other crowns, so they can better handle the occlusal forces back teeth experience.

Zirconia crowns are a close second for molars, as their strength and durability make them an excellent choice for back teeth. And if you’re worried about the aesthetic look, zirconia is better than all-metal crowns.

Which Crown Options are Best for Front Teeth?

When it comes to front teeth, most people want a crown that looks like a natural tooth. For this reason, zirconia and PFM crowns are the most popular—they can more easily match your natural tooth color.

But depending on your needs and the condition of your teeth, veneers may also be an option for front teeth. Though they can’t fix serious tooth issues (e.g., large cracks or breaks), veneers are a cosmetic dental option that can provide you with the tooth color, size, or shape that you desire.

The Best Dentist Near Me for Crowns in Richmond, VA

Dental crowns are tooth-like caps that cover natural teeth. They help fix chipped, cracked, or broken teeth and provide additional strength and protection to teeth that may be experiencing decay.

Depending on your exact needs and situation, there are different kinds of crowns for teeth. The three most common crown options include:

  • Gold (all-metal)
  • Porcelain fused to metal (PFM)
  • Zirconia

Each of these types of crowns has advantages and disadvantages. For example, if you wanted to know what kind of crown is best for back teeth, it would be all-metal since they’re the strongest and wear down opposing teeth the slowest.

On the other hand, zirconia and PFM crowns could be better for front teeth as they can more closely match the color of natural teeth.

If you’re still unsure what the best crown for molars or front teeth is for your unique situation, you can always talk with a dentist.

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